Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Summer rolls

You've seen me make these before, but this time, I have slightly better photography skills. Plus, these are so good that you probably need a reminder to make them.

These are filled with vermicelli noodles, tossed with a curry sauce (Curry paste, preferably green, thinned slightly with coconut or soy milk), grated carrot, avocado, fresh basil, cucumber, chives (From the garden!), and bell pepper. For instructions, check out this post.

I think using curry paste to add flavor rather than sweet chili sauce is really a lot nicer! Much more flavor and spice.

How do you like the new look of the blog?

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Raw wraps

It's really easy to make tasty raw wraps. All you need is a pate, spread, dip, dressing, etc, for some flavor. Some collard greens or other large flexible leaf or a dehydrated wrap, and some other veggies for extra flavor and texture.

Many people apparently do not like raw collard greens, I have no idea why, because personally, I think they're terrific raw! But that may be partially because that was how I was first introduced to collards. If you give me a salad dressing or a dip and some collard greens, I will happily munch it all up. Whereas others may refuse to have an innocent raw collard filled with veggies and a dip.
Anyway, in my personal opinion, these wraps are amazing.
I make this nut pate, but as I said before, any spread, dressing, et cetera should do.
Then whatever veggie fillings you like. I like some combination of sprouts, tomato, cucumber, bell pepper, mushrooms,(Fresh or marinated) fresh herbs (Basil, chives, parsley, etc) grated carrot, and avocado (Avocado is a must!)
All wrapped up in some sort of dehydrated wrap (Which I have yet to be brave enough to make) or some destemmed collards.

All done with my ramblings about my love of collards now. Have a nice week!

PS: Once I'm all caught up on my postings, I will share something REALLY tasty with you all.

Baked falafel

I used this recipe. I'm pretty surprised, but I think I actually followed this recipe.

These were really great. Or as my mom puts it "Really f***ing delicious!". And she told me that I needed to make it for dinner the next day. And also hundreds to go in the freezer.

So we made a deal, that I would make her lots more, if she made me some homemade pitas.
And she agreed. And let me tell you. They were "F***ing great!" But also, really amazing. So amazing, that I forgot to photo them, because I was too busy eating them.

This one is of some store bought pitas. Not NEARLY as good as homemade. So really, you should make some pitas. And also some falafel. And some lemon tahini sauce!

Lemon tahini sauce:
Mix together to taste:
Lemon juice
Garlic powder
And thin with water to make it easily drizzlable onto pitas.

Black bean & yam quesadillas

No more apologies for not posting, because that is one of the things that is annoying about posting. And I'm sure you don't really care for it, either.

Based off of this recipe.
I replaced the boiled sweet potato with baked yam, and the kale for spinach. (Just what I had on hand, I have absolutely nothing against kale)
These were great! The baked yam gave it a nice roasty flavor, and it held together surprisingly well for having no cheese or cheesy stuff.
And although yam in quesadillas may sound weird, they actually go really well in these.