Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Baked falafel

I used this recipe. I'm pretty surprised, but I think I actually followed this recipe.

These were really great. Or as my mom puts it "Really f***ing delicious!". And she told me that I needed to make it for dinner the next day. And also hundreds to go in the freezer.

So we made a deal, that I would make her lots more, if she made me some homemade pitas.
And she agreed. And let me tell you. They were "F***ing great!" But also, really amazing. So amazing, that I forgot to photo them, because I was too busy eating them.

This one is of some store bought pitas. Not NEARLY as good as homemade. So really, you should make some pitas. And also some falafel. And some lemon tahini sauce!

Lemon tahini sauce:
Mix together to taste:
Lemon juice
Garlic powder
And thin with water to make it easily drizzlable onto pitas.

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kelli said...

oh, you did post more! yum!!!