Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Raw wraps

It's really easy to make tasty raw wraps. All you need is a pate, spread, dip, dressing, etc, for some flavor. Some collard greens or other large flexible leaf or a dehydrated wrap, and some other veggies for extra flavor and texture.

Many people apparently do not like raw collard greens, I have no idea why, because personally, I think they're terrific raw! But that may be partially because that was how I was first introduced to collards. If you give me a salad dressing or a dip and some collard greens, I will happily munch it all up. Whereas others may refuse to have an innocent raw collard filled with veggies and a dip.
Anyway, in my personal opinion, these wraps are amazing.
I make this nut pate, but as I said before, any spread, dressing, et cetera should do.
Then whatever veggie fillings you like. I like some combination of sprouts, tomato, cucumber, bell pepper, mushrooms,(Fresh or marinated) fresh herbs (Basil, chives, parsley, etc) grated carrot, and avocado (Avocado is a must!)
All wrapped up in some sort of dehydrated wrap (Which I have yet to be brave enough to make) or some destemmed collards.

All done with my ramblings about my love of collards now. Have a nice week!

PS: Once I'm all caught up on my postings, I will share something REALLY tasty with you all.


Larry said...

I'm glad your back, I've missed your postings.

kelli said...

i love collard wraps as well! to me they are really mild and tasty. i've been enjoying them with raw nut meat, not refried beans, cashew cheez, and guacamole.

it's good to see you back - i'd love to see what else you've been eating'!=)

Jamie said...

Oooh, that sounds tasty! I should make that at some point.

And thank you! Hopefully I'll post more regularly, but we'll see how that goes. :/