Friday, April 17, 2009

Free hugs!!

Today is "Free hugs" day!
Me and some of my friends went to downtown Portland, wearing shirts that said "Free hugs" , "Lets hug it out" and "Got love? Give a hug!" shirts, and gave as many people as many hugs as possible (mainly strangers). It was tons of fun. We got some very nice people and responses. Some of the good responses were hugs, asking if we'd hug specific people, etc. Some of the bad ones were refusing hugs, ignoring us, and some of the boys wouldn't hug some of my male friends because "that's gay". *sigh* But the best response we got was this: they accepted the hugs then "okay, do you want to do an awesome hug?" said the person "Okay. How do we do that?" asked my friend. "Um, okay, lets run at eachother and then hug." "Okay!" Then they did that and then my friend picked her up and spun her around, she was lots of fun.  And then the worst response was one guy, we asked him if he wanted a hug, without even looking at at us he said "NO!" and kept walking. He seemed very angry!  We also tried to hug cops and security guards at the mall, all but one of them said something along the lines of "Not while I'm on duty." But we got to give hugs from one, but we had to hug him quick or he might have gotten in trouble.

It was a ton of fun. I highly suggest you do it sometime, just not by yourself, you should really do it with friends. It helps spread a little joy. :)

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