Wednesday, April 1, 2009

First day of college!

It's my first day of college!
It was so much fun!
Today I took a "Vegetarian cooking Adventure" class! Todays adventure was greens! (which seemed to include broccoli)
The teacher is actually a vegan! Hooray!
We made a bunch of food, and everyone got samples, we made a soup (veggies, beans, miso), tofu scramble (with greens and onions), no avocado "guacamole" (made with broccoli), and a chocolate broccoli cake. (surprisingly very good!)
I learned so much! I love the teacher, (David Gabbe) and  am thinking about signing up for his classes in Portland. (since he only has a couple classes here in Salem)

But anyway!
It's also April Fools Day! I was going to trick you, but my camera STILL doesn't work.
So I'll just tell you about all the tricks I played on other people. When I went to class I dressed in boy clothes and put my hair up, and pretended to be male. (not sure if I tricked anyone or not. It was a little hard to tell)
Also, on both of my parents computers, I put a fake error message up that said something along the lines of "All applications have crashed. Please restart your computer.   Mac OS X" Totally got my mom, my dad, not so much. (it was great timing though, since a worm virus was said to be sending out today)
That's all I did though, I find most April Fools pranks not funny, or just mean, or too messy, so I usually don't do much trickery.

If any of you  live in Oregon, see if you can take a class with David Gabbe. (he doesn't only do classes at colleges)

Have a great week! I'll probably be posting on Sunday about my birthday party!

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