Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Skiing trip

Ah, got back from a trip up to a cabin on Mount Hood. Tons of fun! 
It was loads of fun,  we skied, made tunnels in the snow, made snowmen, went sledding, and had snowball fight, and of course, ate lots of delicious food!
The first night we had a yellow curry with rice, along with some steamed veggies with peanut sauce.
Then the next morning, we had vegan French toast! (I still need to remind my friend to give me the recipe!) But she said the batter was mostly pureed silken tofu and soymilk, with maple syrup.
Then for that dinner, we had some vegan chili.
And then for the next breakfast we had breakfast burritos (recipe in last post).
Then minestrone soup.
And then some leftovers.
We made our own lunches, I brought makings for wraps. (tortillas, Tofurkey, spinach, avocado, and tomato) And some instant soups. ALong with a few snacks. (Clif bars, Fruit Leather, and veggies with hummus)

On a totally different note, the other day, when I was at my Asian Market, I found some inari wrappers! I'm excited to use them! I'll let you know how it goes!


lynelle Wilcox said...

the tofu was picture-perfect! and yummy! the spring rolls are always delicious and you can never make enough!

Jamie said...

I think this may be a comment to the wrong post?
Sounds like it was supposed to be at the "Sunday party/get together/dinner party"

lynelle Wilcox said...

yea. weird.