Monday, March 16, 2009

Tasty lunch

I had a nice lunch today. :D
So today what I had was some pan fried tofu, vegetable dumplings, and edamame (baby soybeans in pods)

Edamame can be found usually in the freezer section of health food stores or Asian markets. Then just put them in boiling water until warm and thawed.

For the dumplings they can either be bought in the same places as edamame, or you could make your own. I just bought frozen ones today. But am planning on making some home-made ones soon. I'll post a recipe when I do that.
For the tofu, I cut it into four squarish chunks, then I sliced them width-wise, about a quarter of an inch thick. So that you end up with quarter inch thick slices about 1 inch, by 1 1/2 inches. (doesn't have to be perfect), then you put some slices on a towel, and then put another towel on top of them, and press some of the water out gently. Then lightly coat the tofu in corn starch, and then place on a lightly oiled pan on medium to medium-high heat. (you can cook the dumplings at the same time)  After a couple minutes check on them and flip if golden brown. Once they're golden-brown on both sides, put them on a plate with some teriyaki sauce for dipping, the edamame, and the dumplings.

A whole block of tofu and half of bag each of dumplings and edamame feeds around four people.

Still no camera, sorry!

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