Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Miso soup

I was planning on doing a post today, but after the last one being so short, I decided to give you two short ones.
I was having lots of miso soup for a while, miso, garlic, ginger, wakame, tofu, green onions, and whatever else I felt I needed to add. Not so much anymore though, I'm all out of miso. And I didn't see any at the store today, but I was in a hurry. Two of the grocery stores I go to don't carry miso, but this third one did, so if they stop carrying it, I'm going to be annoyed.
But if you have some miso, you should make some miso soup, because it's really easy, warm, delicious, and nutritious.
Just boil some tofu, add in wakame (Seaweed used for soups), turn the heat off, and start dissolving your miso in it, and add your green onions, and whatever else you like. That's it.

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