Monday, December 14, 2009

Product review: Daiya vegan cheese

The other day I got a half pound bag of shredded Daiya vegan cheese. (The mozzarella kind)
I tried it uncooked, and it was pretty good. Similar to real cheese, but maybe a little tangier? But I've heard a lot about how awesome this cheese melts, so I had to make something with it.

I made quesadillas. One with just cheese so I could properly judge the cheese, and one with onions and kale to see how it went with other things.
Again, it was a little tangier than real cheese, but I still really liked it. It melted really well, and was stringy even, and I think I even fooled my dad for a second into thinking it was real cheese. I liked it on its own, but I think I liked the one with the onion and kale a little better.
Unfortunately, when it got a little cooler it started getting a little rubbery, but it was still good, and re-melted just fine.

Melted and stringy. I had fun pulling off the top of the quesadilla to see the cheese strings.

Then a few days later I tried it on mini pizzas. One plain so I could judge the cheese, and one with sun-dried tomato and onion. They were both great. Pretty much the same conclusion as with the quesadillas. And I left one for later, to see if it would be good as cold pizza. It didn't really, it was a little rubbery, but I microwaved it for a few seconds and it was delicious again.

Cheese strings!

I think I like this better than real cheese, it doesn't taste exactly the same, but it does taste similar, and it tastes GOOD. And it also doesn't taste over-processed and low-quality. (Yes, I'm snobby sometimes)
I still have a little left of my half pound bag after three mini pizzas, and three quesadillas. But I didn't add very much cheese.
Can't wait to try the cheddar! Next time I'll get a bigger bag and freeze some.


kelli said...

interesting! i've been hearing about this cheese. how's the price? did you order it online or find it local?

Jamie said...

I ordered it online here:

A bit expensive, so I think I'll periodically get it. And since I don't use it often it won't cost me a whole lot.

It's worth trying at the very least.

kelli said...

thanks! yes, it seems like it's definitely worth a try!