Monday, March 1, 2010

Really late Valentine's post

So for Valentine's day, I had a few friends over to hang out, and make truffles.

I served mini bowtie pasta with pesto, and halve cherry tomatoes, not particularly Valentine'sy, but delicious none the less.

Along with a salad. Mixed baby greens, carrots tomatoes, canned beets (I was going to use whole, and slice them, and cut them with a heart shaped cookie cutter, but somehow that can disappeared right when I needed it!), green onions, toasted sunflower seeds, and supremed oranges. It was really pretty!

Then I hallowed out a mini watermelon, and filled it with heart shaped watermelon, sliced strawberries, supremed oranges, and starfruit. We learned that day that although starfruit is very pretty, it's really not very yummy.

Then later in the day we made the truffles.
We made lemon, orange, and mint truffles, chocolate peanut things, and chocolate covered strawberries, and candied ginger.


Averie (LoveVeggiesAndYoga) said...

OMG your food is beautiful!!!! wow, I love coming to fellow vegan blogs and being pleasantly shocked with the pretty pics :)
heart watermelon = right up my alley!

thx for the contest linkage!

kelli said...

wow, the photos look great! yum! LOVE the watermelon fruit bowl and hearts!=)