Tuesday, September 29, 2009


Here's another late post. It was from a little after Chautauqua.

We've apparently had a dehydrator in our basement for years, and I had no idea. I was wanting a dehydrator, it was going to be on my Christmas list this year, but it turns out we already have one. Only problem is it takes up quite a bit of counter-space, and doesn't have any form of temperature control. Oh well, still works just fine.
My dad taught me how to use it (Basically just put something in, plug it in, and check on it occasionally) and we had a bunch of Asian pears at the time, so dad sliced them pretty thin, and dehydrated them. And they're absolutely delicious, chewy, flavorful, and nice and sweet. And I didn't really have any other fruits, but I made some apple fruit leather. I just put some apple sauce on some plastic wrap and dehydrated it. (Dad told me that you can put plastic wrap in the dehydrator, and it won't melt or anything, no need for the special dehydrator sheets) Wax paper would probably work better though. The apple fruit leather came out pretty well, a little tart since I used unsweetened applesauce though. We also dried our abundance of hot peppers from our garden and our friend, and after they were dried we crushed them up so we would have chili flakes whenever we need them. I can't wait until tomorrow, when we're going to the Farmer's Market, and I'll get lots of fruit to dry.
I've been eating the dried Asian pears like candy. Seriously, I ate like seven dried pears in one day.
After fruits I'm sure I'll be making some raw food.

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