Saturday, September 12, 2009

Oregon Chautauqua

In two days (Monday) I will be going to Chautauqua, it will be from Monday to Friday, so no posts for a while. I'm sure I'll have tons to say by Friday. Well, I'll probably be too exhausted on Friday, so I'll probably post on Saturday.
Chautauqua is really cool, you camp in little cabins, and there's forest and trails, and  wild huckleberries, and then there's a big lodge with a professional style kitchen, a huge dining room, a game room, and a huge porch. People spend most of their time at the lodge. And about a minute from the lodge is a beautiful beach, and there are lots of sea creatures on the rocks to look at. And there are also really cool workshops, all kinds. 

I'll let you know a lot more in a week! You might get lucky and get a post tomorrow, if I'm not too busy packing and getting ready.

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kelli(ann) said...

sounds fun! i'd like to see a post of your week when you get back.