Thursday, October 15, 2009

Catering job and new camera!

My mom has a friend, and my mom has told her about my blog, all of my cooking, et cetera. My mom also mentioned that I had made freezer meals (Pre-made meals that I make so you can just microwave them for a quick, healthy meal) for my grandpa before. My mom's friend was interested, and we worked something out so that I could do the same for her. I made her and her husband 4 meals of my untraditional jambalaya, four meals of lemony quinoa-vegetable soup, four meals of minestrone soup, ten small breakfast burritos, and a dozen peanut butter-chocolate chip cookies. I charge $9 an hour for labor, and whatever the groceries cost me. For all of that the grocery cost was $23.80, the labor cost was $58.30 (If I had made more it would have been more efficient, and therefore be a better deal, but she just wanted to test it out) So the grand total was $82.30. I really like doing this. I get practice, job experience, something great to put on my resume, extra money, and a whole day of cooking. Sometimes more. I also get feedback, so I can perfect my recipes. So if any of you live in Oregon, and would be interested in something like this, let me know, and maybe we can work something out!
She's loved what she's tried so far, is going to recommend it to a friend, and will be doing this again for sure. And maybe some catering other than freezer meals.

Also, you all know my camera broke recently. Well, it's the day before my brother's birthday, and we got a package in the mail, I assumed it was for my brother, but I looked at it, and realized it was for me! So I opened it up, and there was a brand new camera for me from my grandpa! He reads my blog, and so knew my camera was broken, and was nice enough to get one for me. It's really nice, and I've taken a couple photos, and will probably post them in a few days, but it's late, I'm leaving early in the morning, and will be gone until Friday. So nothing for now, just this post.

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kelli(ann) said...

wow! that is so cool you are selling your meals. making money doing what you love AND providing healthy meals for doesn't get any better than that (imo!)

yay you have a camera now! what a nice grandpa you have! =)

(if you're reading, thanks grandpa! i miss seeing pictures of your granddaughter's meals!)