Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Raw sushi

I like eating raw food occasionally. Not only because of the amazing health benefits, and how good you feel after eating it, but because it's just really tasty, and a new way of cooking to explore.
This is the recipe I mostly used: http://www.vegetariantimes.com/recipes/10667

I actually think it was easier without a bamboo mat. For regular sushi the mat is very useful, but with these, they came out better with my hands.

I didn't have any Bragg's, so I used tamari instead. So it wasn't totally raw.

Here's some photographic instructions past making the pate and cutting your veggies. Sorry about the horrible yellow lighting, it's getting dark early now and without any sunlight the light made it look less appetizing.

Start with your nori (Seaweed) and your cur collard green. (No need for a mat)

Spread on some sunflower puree/pate.

Add your fillings. (I like lots of carrot, cucumber, green onion, and big slices of avocado)

Start rolling.

Roll some more.

And once you get to the end, wet the edges and press.

Repeat with remaining "rice". I got seven rolls out of it.

I expected the four of us to be able to eat the 8 rolls, even though it said it made six servings, but we were wrong, these are so delicious, but really filling. I could hardly eat one roll.

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