Monday, October 5, 2009


Today I made some curry. I used my purple cauliflower from the Farmer's Market, carrots, green onions (Red onions would probably work better), zucchini, tofu, and basil. (From the Farmer's Market)
The curry was really pretty, with the dark purple from the cauliflower, the white tofu, the bright orange carrots, and the green zucchini and green onions. It made it really pretty, and the broth, or sauce, or whatever you'd like to call the liquid part of the curry was slightly yellow, adding even more color contrast, but it wasn't strong enough to change the colors of the veggies in the curry. The color was really pretty. And of course the curry was delicious over some brown rice.

The purple cauliflower as far as I could tell tasted about the same as regular cauliflower, but was bright purple. I expected it to be one of those things, where raw, it would be a beautiful color, but then you'd cook it, and it would be grayed, and faded, and just look kind of sad. But actually, when I cooked it, it did gray slightly, but it also got darker, and it was still really pretty, even if a slightly different color. So I think, if I'm given the choice, I would choose a purple cauliflower over a white one.

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