Saturday, January 2, 2010


Hello. I'm sorry I haven't really posted in weeks. I was really busy with Christmas, and then my bunny passed away, and then we had a new years party, so I've been busy. For this post, I'm going to skip out on food, and just post some pictures of my sweet little bunny Jasmine, who passed away recently. I'll post some food and talk about the year in the coming weeks.

(Earlier this month)
Jasmine was a Netherland Dwarf rabbit, and as sweet as can be, I took her everywhere with me, my grandpas house, my friends houses, etc. She was an indoor rabbit, and lived in a cage most of the time, but she played in the living room or snuggled with me almost every day, she loved hopping around in the living room, or my bedroom, or outside, but she was also really social and liked snuggling or playing together.

(Earlier this month)
She liked playing with old CDs, she'd use them like frisbees and throw them around the room, she liked chewing baskets, she liked snuggling, running around, and she even knew a couple tricks. She knew "Come", "Go play" (meaning that she doesn't have to stay on my lap, she can go run around now) and she could stand up on her back legs on command.

(November 2006)
She was really social, and sweet, and really adorable. With a cute little smooshed looking face, and short ears.

(November 2006)
She got along with most people, she got along with dogs, and although I wouldn't let her, she would have been happy snuggling with some cats.

(November 2006)
I won't go into length about the death, I'd like to keep this post mostly about how wonderful she was, not how sad her death was.

(November 2006)
The vet was really nice, and did the best she could, and offered an autopsy free of charge (That we declined) and she even wrote us a really nice card yesterday.

(October 2009)
It's really hard, but I'm glad I got to have her as a friend for five or so years, and that I got to be there at the vet so she knew she was loved when she died. I'll miss her a lot, and I hope she's happy wherever she is.


Larry said...

Knowing she was loved when she was with you, I have no doubt she's happy where ever she is now.

kelli said...

what an adorable bunny! you must be devastated! i'm so sorry. losing a pet is so hard, but i believe we will see them again some day.

she looks like the type of dwarf bunny i wanted to get this past summer. they look so sweet. another blogger granny has one and i couldn't get over it when i saw a picture of hers! they are too cute!!!

can you tell the story of how you and jasmine met?=)

Jamie said...

Thanks you.
And sure.
5-6 years ago, I decided that I wanted a bunny (I've had one before her), so I did some more research, convinced my parents, etc. At the state fair there's always a bunch of bunnies in a building with bunnies, chickens etc, and that year I held one of the baby bunnies, and she was SO cute. And she fell asleep in my arms, and when they went to put her back in the cage, she flailed and tried to get back in my arms, so that really sold me, so we talked to the people there about bunnies, figured out the breeder and after a while scheduled for us to come get a baby bunny from the next litter. But there wasn't a new litter when they said there would be because the rabbits didn't breed when they expected them to, but we came over anyway, thinking we'd just see the bunnies, and come back another time when there were baby bunnies. So he showed me a batch of about 1-year-old bunnies, and we played with them in a little shed, and they were just so sweet that we just decided to get her right then.
We drove her home, and surprisingly, she wasn't very afraid of being in the car, and she was calm enough that she stayed in my lap the whole ride, we got her some food, hay, food and water bowls, etc, and brought her home, and set up the cage.
We really weren't expecting to get a bunny then, but we just had to get her.

We eventually named her Jasmine, and learned from my brothers CD curtain that she likes throwing CDs around, taught her some commands, and snuggled with her almost every night. She settled in just fine, and we set up a cage for her at my friends house, that I visit about every week and spend the night, so she could come with me. And then my Grandpa made her a cage at his place, so she can come with me almost anywhere I go. She loved traveling with me, and playing with my friends, and snuggling with my friend's dog.

I now know that breeders aren't the best place to get pets, but I'm really glad I found her.

Linda said...

Jasmine was an angel, Jamie. And she was very lucky to have found such a wonderful home with you. I hope all of your memories of her will be happy ones.

kelli said...

aww, thanks for sharing. sounds like you two had a lot of good times together. your grandpa seems like a really great guy, too, making jasmine a cage!

van said...

I'm so sorry, Jamie. I know how much you loved Jasmine. But I think you're right, that the right way to look at it is that you and she had each other for five years... pretty much Jasmine's whole life, and it was a good life.