Monday, January 4, 2010

Rice noodle soup

For a while, I really liked those Simply Asia instant rice noodle soups. Just rice noodles, flavor packet, and dried vegetables. I didn't get them very often though, because they're pretty expensive. But then one day, when I was considering getting some, I realized that it's such a simple thing, I could easily make it myself. So I did, and every time I make it it gets better and better. The flavor has gotten pretty far from the Simply Asia soups, but I think this tastes even better, and is just as quick, but a tiny bit more work.

Frozen vegetables of choice (I use a frozen mix of peas, limas, corn, small pieces of green beans, and tiny carrot bits)
Rice noodles (Rice vermicelli)
Tofu (Optional)
Wakame (Optional
Green onions (Optional, but preferred)
About a tablespoon of white miso
1 cup vegetable broth
Splash of soy sauce
Splash of lemon juice
Seasonings of choice (I generally use garlic powder, lemongrass, ginger, nutritional yeast, and black pepper)
Sesame seeds (Optional, for garnish)

Put whatever amount of noodles, vegetables, and tofu and wakame (If using) you'd like in a pot with enough broth and water for a large bowl. Put it on high, and wait for it to boil.
While you wait, add the miso, soy sauce, lemon juice, and seasonings in your bowl, and mix it all together, and add the green onions. Once the pot boils, add it to your bowl, stir, taste, and adjust if you'd like. Sprinkle with sesame seeds, and enjoy!
I was out of vegetable broth yesterday, so I just used water and extra miso and seasonings, and that worked great too.

(Sporks are the best utensil for this soup, luckily, I have a titanium spork!)

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