Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Hiking: Silver Falls

Guess what I did on Sunday? I went hiking at silver falls! It was lots of fun, I think we did the 8 mile route.

There's the first waterfall.

And again, so you can see more of it.

That's the lake/river thing it pours into.

And again, this one's more of a side-view.

That's the back of it.

Pouring into the lake.

The other side.

Very pretty.

Cute little bridge.

Bye bye waterfall! Bye bye bridge!

Ooooh, another waterfall! This one is very pretty.

There it is again.


The river.

The pretty surrounding trees.

Berries! They were tasty.

Another waterfall!

And another waterfall! I think we got to see eight or so total.

Another bridge.

That's all. I made a nice raw picnic that we were going to take along, and when we got tired we'd have a picnic, but it was heavy, so we decided not to take it, and we had it when we got home.

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kelli said...

great pics! that place looks beautiful!