Monday, June 29, 2009

My garden

Alright! I still haven't found my own cord so I can upload my photos, but I borrowed my brothers, so I shall be posting my photos now!

First, I'd like to show you my incredibly cute bunny. Her name is Jasmine.

 She's a Netherland dwarf rabbit.

And here is the garden a few weeks ago (things are growing a lot more now, so I might take pictures later)
 Those are the honeysuckles. Very pretty. And they have a nice sweet nectar that you can drink. Well, not really "drink" since they only have about one drop per flower.

 Those are the, uh, flowers. I don't know what they're called. But in the background (to the right) are lillies!

There's the lettuce. It's much bigger now.

There's the squash and cucumbers. Much bigger now. You can also see the tiny little squashes now.

There are the carrots. They turned out to have been in there too long and became un-chewable. But we got to eat a few.

There's the tomato.

And a strawberry! We've been enjoying our strawberries. Especially dipped in chocolate. Mmmm.

There's the strawberry plant.

The last dandelion! Oh no! It's in a pile of forget-me-nots.

The basil. I should move the pot, they're getting fried by the sun.

The celery.

Pansies! They're such a pretty flower.

The roses.


The artichoke plant. It's taking over a little...

The peas. Those are very tasty. I never get to use them in my cooking though. They're always gone by the time I get inside. They're a great snack.

Here's the garden, it's two photos, so they don't quite fit together right, but you get the basic idea.

That's it for the garden. I'll post my food photos later. It takes a while to post large amounts of photos.

Many more posts to come!

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