Sunday, June 7, 2009

Sunday party/get together/dinner party

So every Sunday, I have a party, dinner party, get together thing. Where some of my close friends are invited to my house, some show up, some don't. Then I feed them, and play games, watch movies, et cetera.
I might start posting about the food every week from now on, maybe not. But my camera might be fixed, so I might start posting a whole lot more.
So this week we got four guests, we had curry with brown rice, Summer rolls, and pan-fried tofu with dipping sauce.
For the curry, I used this mix.
Some coconut milk, some veggies, and some tofu.
For the Summer rolls, I made some rice noodles, mixed them with a little sweet chili sauce, and then put those on rice papers with carrots, cucumber, green onions, and avocado, very tasty.

For the tofu, I pressed it, coated it in corn starch, and cooked in a little bit of oil on a pan until lightly olden, and then served it with a sauce.
All of the photos are from Google, but I suspect my next posts will have my own photos. :)

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