Monday, June 15, 2009

Largish update

So lots of stuff happened in the last few days, so much in fact, that I couldn't post it until now.
So, I talked about my camera probably working in my last post, and it does, but the problem is, during th time my camera didn't work, I lost the cord that connects my computer and my camera, so I can upload the photos. I've been taking pictures, but until I find that cord, or buy a new one (I'm sure I'll find it right after a buy a new one....) I won't be able to post the photos. Sorry!

However! On Friday, I went to Lee's Berry Farm, and picked 38 pounds of strawberries! I didn't quite mean to get that many, but you know, when you've got three people, and are picking and talking with your friends, you get distracted, and end up picking more than you thought. Oh well though, I made some jam, strawberry shortcakes, ate them plain, and froze a bunch, so by now they're almost gone.
Also on Friday, I did more free hugging! Which as usual was lots of fun.

And on SAturday, we went mushroom hunting in the woods, we usually find a bunch, but we went a little late this year, and only found poisonous and questionable mushrooms. Oh well, it was still fun.

And then on Sunday, I did not have my usual get together, but I did do something else very fun with my friends! We went to the Portland (gay) Pride Parade. I love going there. Everyone is so friendly and happy. :D I also wore my "Free hugs" shirt that day, so I got some free hugs from people. I also drew a rainbow on it just for the occasion. Also, for all you doughnut-loving vegans, in downtown Portland, there's a place called Voodoo Doughnuts, and although not all of the doughnuts are vegan, they do have a fairly large menu of vegan doughnuts.

That's all for now. Right now I'm enjoying some strawberry shortcake and relaxing, while trying to figure out what to have for dinner with my lack of veggies.

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