Monday, July 20, 2009

Sushi Hand Rolls

So, I wanted some sushi, but I was really hungry, so I didn't want to bother with making rice, letting it cool, and then making sushi rolls, so I decided on hand rolls. I looked for a recipe, but with very little luck, most of the recipes had nothing to do with sushi.
So I just made it up. I'm probably doing it horribly wrong, but whatever. It tastes good.

I think they're very pretty. 

First, I made some tofu. I just put some pieces of tofu in a pan with some low-sodium teriyaki sauce and some ginger and garlic. I sauteed them until they got firm and the sauce was mostly absorbed.  Baked tofu would also work.

Here's the setup. I cut some sushi nori (seaweed) in half diagonally to make two triangles.
Then I've got a bag of grated carrot, (julienne works too) The tofu, some chives (Green onions should work too) Some sliced avocado, some cucumber sticks, some red pepper strips, and some small florets of broccoli. 
Almost any veggies should work though. Get creative! Maybe some sprouts?

Start with the nori. Have one corner facing up. Place the nori so that the nori is wider than tall.
Place a piece of tofu on it, then two broccoli florets, and a couple chives. As above.

Then put on some red pepper strips, and some cucumber. As above. Pay attention to the angle, it needs to be tilted outwards  a little to make the cone work.

Then add some avocado, and some carrots. Julienne carrots also work.

Time to get rolling. Take one edge of the nori and pull it over the veggies.

Fold the excess back over.

Take the other side and fold it over. Slightly wet the edge with water.

Then tuck the edge under. One made, however many more to go.

Your first batch might look something like this.

Then maybe like this.

And then hopefully like this!