Monday, July 6, 2009


Yum! Here's a "recipe" for yakisoba, you should be able to find the noodles at your grocery store, they're usually vegan, but you should always check! (I used the pre-cooked kind, if yours aren't pre-cooked, boil them in water until slightly al dente and drain)

Here are the veggies. I'll go clock-wise from top left. Carrots, red bell pepper, broccoli, ginger, garlic, collard greens, and zucchini. I usually have some onions, mushrooms, tofu, snow peas, or some other veggies in there, but this is what I had.

Cooking them up in the pan with a tiny bit of oil. Stir-fry in a pan or wok until slightly al dente.

Add the noodles, and some teriyaki sauce, I like this kind. (the teriyaki one)
Pretty much just cook them until the noodles are warm, if you think they need longer, cook them longer.

Then serve! Sprinkle with sesame seeds for garnish.
There's my bowl of yakisoba. Yummy!

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