Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Raw foodist for the day

I'm going out of order with my posts, I have foods from before today that I should post at some point too.
We've recently decided to do meal planning, and I decided most of them, but mom also picked some. Two of mine happened to be raw, raw spaghetti and meatlessballs, and raw sandwiches with raw onion "Bread". I was going to have the sandwiches for lunch on Tuesday, and the spaghetti for dinner today, but we didn't go to the grocery store until Tuesday, rather than Monday, so I didn't have time to dehydrate the "Bread" until that night, so the sandwiches got moved to lunch today, and since I had two raw meals planned in one day, I just decided to try being a raw foodist for one day.

For those of you who do not know what raw foodists are, they are people who do not heat their food over a certain temperature, usually under 115 degreed fahrenheit. The reason they do this is because when foods are cooked, they lose a lot of their nutrients and enzymes. You can read more about it here. Some of the more elaborate raw foods, or raw foods trying to be similar to cooked foods use dehydrators, so that some of the moisture can be taken out without cooking the food. Since I like cooking, and also like more elaborate foods, I usually involve a dehydrator when I make raw food. Although I can make some darn tasty raw wraps without one.

So anyway, for breakfast I made a strawberry smoothie, with a tiny bit of kale, since I can only appreciate a little at this time. I didn't take a picture since it didn't look like anything special.

The night before I made some raw onion "Bread" (Recipe here, all the way at the bottom), an hour before lunch I marinated some sliced mushrooms in a clove of minced garlic, and a little nama shoyu. Then once I got hungry, I piled on the veggies onto my raw bread.

Tomatoes, red bell pepper, onion (Although I think it may have been a little excessive with all the onion in the onion bread) alfalfa sprouts, marinated mushrooms, and avocado. I don't think I dehydrated the bread quite long enough, so it was a little messy, but still delicious! I will be making this again!

After lunch I started forming these raw, vegan meatballs.

Aside from getting the meatballs going, making dinner probably took about ten minutes. I made a sauce out of a big handful of sundried tomatoes, a red bell pepper, olive oil, basil, oregano, thyme, a tiny sprinkle of cayenne (You don't want it spicy, just a little zing), garlic, and half a tomato. I like my sauce really thick and flavorful, so I only use half a tomato and one big handful of sun-dried tomatoes, but if you like a thinner sauce, just add more fresh tomato. And just blended it in a food processor. Then I spiralized some zucchini. Then I put a pile of noodles on the plate, a little grated carrot, some sauce, and a few "Meatballs".
It was great, I always love that sauce, it tastes cooked, and also fresh and delicious. The meatballs were also very good, the texture was pretty similar to meatballs, but definitely not the taste. Which I'm glad. I don't like it when my fake meat recipes taste like meat. I don't want something that tastes like meat, I want something that is tasty, healthy, and goes well with similar things to whatever it is supposedly imitating.

Then I made some fruit and nut bars, they came out pretty good, I made blueberry-almond, and almond-cranberry. I think they'd be really nice with some coconut, but I didn't taste them until they were all done so I didn't decide that until They were already formed, and most of them wrapped. They're still good though. I look forward to doing maybe a coconut-chocolate. Maybe I could call it a cocoa-nut bar. :3 Then maybe a coconut-mango? Strawberry-chocolate, apple-cinnamon, coconut-pineapple, oh man, I'm gonnna make so many different kinds.
Pictured above is the blueberry-almond.

This is the almond-cranberry, please excuse the sponges and bananas in the background, for some reason I cannot crop this photo.

I also snacked on dried blueberries and sunflower seeds throughout the day. Being raw for the day was surprisingly easy, although I do think planning ahead helped a lot. Maybe I'll plan to be raw for a day once a week or something. At the very least once a month.

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