Sunday, November 15, 2009

Homemade peanut butter cups

I did a double batch of this recipe, and got very many. I did some in mini cupcake liners, but then I switched to some little heart-shaped molds I have, which were much less tedious. It was hard to get the chocolate into all those little ridges.
And I must say, these peanut butter cups are great! Better than Reeses in my opinion, but I can be a bit of a snob.

And it also just occurred to me. Why am I putting up medium sized photos? Why not large? I'll make them large from now on.


Elizabeth said...

Those look awesome! I might have to make some for xmas gifts. An easy way to get the chocolate into the ridges is to use a brush and apply a layer of chocolate to the paper liner before you pour in the rest of the chocolate.

Jamie said...

Yeah, I'm probably going to do them for Christmas presents too.
And that's what I did. I suppose it wasn't really hard, just more tedious.