Sunday, August 30, 2009


I usually don't make brunches, but after going to the Farmer's Market, the urge just hit me. The next morning I was going to be going to a friends house, which was great, since I don't like making big fancy meals for just one or two people. I talked to my friends, looked up recipes, et cetera, and figured out the menu. I was making blueberry pancakes, breakfast sausages, mini quiches, and raspberry muffins (from the cookbook "Just Like My Mother Used To Bake", sorry, no sharing.)
I tried to do as much as possible the day before, since I really hate getting up early, so I mixed the dry ingredients for the pancakes to make a pancake mix, and put it in a bag and wrote the wet ingredients I needed to add. Then I made the breakfast sausages, made the quiche batter, and made the muffins.
Then the next morning when I got to their house, I baked the quiches, made the pancake batter, cooked the pancakes, and pan-fried the sausages. Then I made some tea, and we had brunch, it was just four of us, but it was still very tasty.

I made a few changes in the recipes, the original muffin recipe called for blueberries, but my friend and I agreed, that raspberry was better. The sausages were a little soggy on the outside, maybe I just didn't wrap them well enough or something, so that's why I fried them in the pan, that and to heat them up, but it worked out great, even if my sausages were not soggy, I think it gave them a more sausage-like texture. Other than veganizing the pancake recipe, I think I kept it the same, and for the quiches I subbed my maitake mushrooms for the button mushrooms, and added some chard and zucchini.

Everything was amazing, I should make brunches more often. And sorry, no photos.

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