Sunday, August 16, 2009

Garden artichokes, pasta, and veggies with a "butter" sauce

Garden artichokes, pasta, and veggies with a "butter" sauce.
I got a bunch of artichokes from the garden today, so I cut the big ones in quarters, the medium ones in half, and left the small one whole. I started cooking them in a pan. Simmering with some water, vegetable broth, herbs, nutritional yeast, garlic and margarine.
Once they were getting close to done (artichokes take a while) I started cooking the pasta. once the pasta was almost done, and the artichokes only needed about another minute, I added to the pan some yellow squash (from the garden) and some sliced onion. I also added some lemon juice. Once everything was done, I put an artichoke piece on the plate, added some pasta, and spooned some of the sauce over the pasta. (the sauce that the artichokes cooked in) I only needed a little, since I made a very flavorful sauce. 
It was REALLY good. I highly suggest it.


kelli said...

im so jealous you grow artichokes!!! i wonder if i can grow them here in zone 6. i'll have to look into it...

Jamie said...

I don't know where zone 6 is, but I'm growing them here in Oregon (The rainy part, not the desert part) and it rains a lot here, but the artichoke plant is in a sunny part of the yard, and it's doing great. It's huge, and is kind of taking over the garden. And soon it will have beautiful blue flowers.
Hope you can grow them where you live!

dirtyduck said...

i belong to an artichoke lie