Saturday, August 8, 2009

Mini pizzas

I bought some cute mini pizza crusts, and so I decided to make myself a little pizza, and make another for my dad for his lunch at work.

Here is my dad's pizza. I believe it had some sauce, fresh basil from the garden, mushrooms, onions, squash from the garden, peppers, sesame seeds, and sunflower seeds. Most people wouldn't think to put seeds on pizza, but I personally really like it.

Here's mine. Pretty similar. Sauce, the basil, mushrooms, onions, the squash, peppers, olives, sunflower and sesame seeds, cream "Cheese" and some nutritional yeast sprinkled on top. The cream cheese was wonderful. It had the texture of real cheese on pizzas (little burnt spots and all!) and the nutritional yeast and the original flavors made a pretty similar taste to mozzarella too. It was great.

I was still hungry after the first one, so I made another one for myself. Same ingredients (other than the olives, we ran out) and I put the cream cheese on the top so it got more brown spots. Very tasty.

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kelli said...

they look DELICIOUS!!!!!