Saturday, August 8, 2009


Mom asked me to make her some muffins. She gave me a recipe for blueberry-almond muffins. they sounded great. However my mom really dislikes blueberries and asked me to use cranberries instead. I was really set on the blueberries. That just sounded great. So I split up the batter, put some dried cranberries in part of it, and since we didn't have any fresh blueberries I used a  frozen berry mix, which turned out to pretty much just be blueberries anyway. I made the muffins, and they both came out great. But I preffered the blueberry ones. 
Here they are. The cranberry ones in front, the blueberry ones in the middle, and some mini blueberry ones in the back. We ate some, and brought the rest to a friend's house. The mini blueberry ones got eaten very quickly. Then the big blueberry ones, then the cranberry ones. they were all great. I'd share the recipe, but it's from a cookbook. I think it was called "Just Like My Mother Used To Bake", but I don't remember. That cookbook however is definitely not vegan. But if you're good at substituting you should be fine.

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Becky said...

They look wonderful!
I can smell them all the way in Iowa!