Sunday, August 16, 2009

Green smoothies

So, I follow a lot of food blogs, most of them are vegan, but at the very least, they're healthy. And I've noticed lately, that a lot of people have started drinking "Green smoothies" every morning. Where it's basically a smoothie, but they also include vegetables, and usually greens. Whenever I see a photo or a recipe of one, they always sound so good. But I've tried making them, and really, when I drink it I'm kind of thinking "This could really use a LOT more fruit. Some sugar would help too." But I'd still like to like them. They sound good, they look good (most of the time), and they're usually very healthy. So I figured I could start trying for it, but just take baby steps. So when I feel like having a smoothie, or in the morning when I'm kind of hungry, but don't really want something big, I'll have my all strawberry smoothie, but add a few leaves from my chard plant into it. So far I can only really handle about 2-3 smallish or smallish-medium leaves. But even baby steps are good. :)

I think the strawberries are a good idea, they keep the color about the same, the taste about the same, and they're nice and sweet, to keep the bitter chard from making my smoothie bitter.
I've had a few of these, I'm enjoying them.


Kristen's Raw said...

Yes, baby steps are good! Most people start with very little greens and their taste buds change over time and they start craving more and more greens.

I LOVE LOVE LOVE green smoothies and cannot imagine life without them. YUM!

I'm off to make one now. I have some left over green juice I extracted last night and I'm going to blend an apple into it. My cells are going to dance with joy!

Cheers to Greens,

Jill said...

I really like green smoothies with bananas, baby spinach and water. I used to add a very little amount of greens. Now the smoothies I make are usually 40-50% greens.