Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Garden goodies

Yum, nice big cucumber, tomato, and lettuce from the garden. I used them all for the raw Mexican dinner in the last post. The lettuce for the salad, the tomato for the pico de galo, and the cucumber for the "chips".

Some other things from the garden, this was a few days after. Three yellow squash, couple handfulls of strawberries, and some tiny red peppers. A friend gave us two pepper plants, this was from one of them. I was so careful about touching the peppers, because when you have really hot peppers, even just holding them will sometimes make your hands burn, and you can't wash it off. But it turned out, she gave us a really spicy pepper plant, and a tiny bell pepper plant. Turned out this one was the bell pepper plant. She said they're good in stir frys, but I just ate them as is since there weren't that many of them..

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